Luqman Amjad

I'm a Ruby on Rails web developer based in Manchester, United Kingdom. I like to build web apps using Ruby on Rails, HTML5 and Javascript but certainly don't mind working with PHP/MySQL.

I've had the opportunity to make some open source contributions, so far my favourite contribution is to a popular rails project titled Fog, where I added support for DNS Made Easy. Pull Request #1, #2.

I also fixed two little bugs and added a little tweak to Typus. I also have a popular add-on titled vMoods for vBulletin, with countless installs.

More recently I've created a plugin for Sublime Text 2 called Rails Related Files. Let me know if you find it useful.

Then there was a jQuery based carousel plugin where I fixed an IE6/7 bug that caused an invalid loop. (PHP/Javascript)

My Sites; Computer Support Forum, Technology Blog

Say or find me on Twitter, Linked In and Github

Currently working at Fatsoma